Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School RSJMS Humayun Road Admission 2019-20 General Information And Guidelines For Online Registration To Entry Level Classes For Open Seats (Other Than EWS/DG Category) For Admission In The Academic Session 2019-20

Total no. of seats available for admission including 25 % seats reserved for EWS/DG Category at the entry level in the academic session 2019-20.

In Pre-School (Nursery) 180
In Pre-Primary (KG) 72
In Class 1 36

AGE ELIGIBILITY AS ON MARCH 31, 2019:- ( as per Directorate of Education guidelines)

  • Pre-School: Minimum 3 – Maximum 4 years (Born between 1st April 2015 & 31st March 2016)
  • Pre-Primary: Minimum 4– Maximum 5 years (Born between 1st April 2014 & 31st March 2015)
  • Class I: Minimum 5– Maximum 6 years (Born between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014)

Break up of seats and Admission Criteria:-



Class 1


Total No. of Seats 180 72 36
General Category 39 16 9 45 points
Reserved for Siblings 27 11 5 Additional

20 points for sibling

5 points for Double Sibling in School

Reserved for Alumni 27 11 5 Additional

20 points for alumni

5 points for double or two generation alumni

5 points for three or more generation alumni

Reserved for Staff 6 2 1 To be selected on the basis of seniority
Reserved for EWS/DG Category 45 18 9 To be admitted as per guidelines of the Government.
Discretionary Quota 36 14 7
  • In the sibling and alumni categories, if there are more applicants than the number of seats available, lotteries will be conducted in the respective categories.

  • All those applicants not successful in the above-mentioned lotteries will be added to the general category.

  • If in any category (sibling, alumni and staff), there are vacant seats, they will also be filled from the general category.

  • The lotteries, if any, for the specified categories will be conducted on the same day (to be announced), and for the general category one or two days later.

  • For purposes of the lottery, applications for twins will be clubbed together as a single application.

  • Details of the timings and dates for the lotteries will be announced and eligible applicants will be welcome to be present if they wish.

  • The actual conduct of a lottery will be recorded on video.

  • The schedule to be followed will be in accordance with the guidelines of the Government.


For admission to classes at the entry level (Pre School/Pre- Primary/ Class 1), the Registration Form is available on the school website (www.rsjms.com) and can be viewed and filled online only till 7th January 2019. Hard copy of the downloaded Registration Form will NOT be accepted by the school. Payment of a Registration Fee (Rs. 25/-) must be made online after all relevant documents have been attached and the form submitted. An incomplete form- with unfilled mandatory fields or absence of relevant documents, will be REJECTED and REGISTRATION CANCELLED. After submission of form, a receipt with a unique Registration Number will be generated for the applicant, which can be downloaded and saved.


  • Self-attested copy of the Date of Birth Certificate of the child.
  • In case of sibling applicant, duly signed certificate from the school office.(Performa Certificate available on the website.)
  • In case of parent / grandparent being alumni, duly signed certificate from the Bursar, Modern School, Barakhamba Road/Administrative Officer, Modern School, Vasant Vihar.(Performa Certificate available on the website.)

Definition of Alumni (Modernite):
a) One who has passed Board Examination class XI prior to introduction of the 10+2 system or passed the Board Examination class X and class XII and remained on the rolls of Modern School continuously for not less than 4 years.

b) One who has been on rolls of Modern School continuously for not less than 8 years.

  • List of students selected for admission will be put up on Monday, 4th February 2019.

  • Queries of parents regarding allotment of points to their ward in the list displayed on Monday, 4th February 2019 can be dropped in the Drop Box placed in the School Office from Tuesday, 5th February 2019 till Tuesday, 12th February 2019 by 11.00 am. The same will be responded to by 12th February 2019 (AN).

  • Admission process will be completed by 31st March 2019.

FEE STRUCTURE 2018-19 : (subject to revision in the academic session 2019-2020)



Class I
(A) MONTHLY CHARGES (Tuition Fee) Rs 8115/- Rs 8385/-
(B) DEVELOPMENT FUND (Per Month) Rs 1220/- Rs 1260/-
(C) ANNUAL CHARGES Rs 3150/- Rs 2800/-

  1. Admission Fee
  2. Security Deposit
  3. PTA Subscription
Rs 200/-Rs 500/-

Rs 2000/-

Rs 200/-Rs 500/-

Rs 2000/-

  • All the above is subject to any change necessitated by the Government or Court Order.
  • The admission process for EWS/DG category candidates shall be carried out as per the guidelines issued by the Government.

Source: rsjms.com/v2