Banyan Tree School Lodhi Colony Admission Criteria, Guidelines, Schedule And Other Information About Nursery Admission Session 2019-20

School Admission Process


Commencement of admission process 14.12.2018 (Friday)
Commencement of availability of online admission forms.For online form

Note:Only online forms will be accepted.

15.12.2018 (Saturday)
Last date of submission of online forms 7.01.2019 (Monday)
Uploading details of children who applied for admission under open seats 21.01.2019 (Monday)
Uploading of marks (as per point system) given to each of the children who applied for admission under open seats 28.01.2019 (Monday)
Time available for Draw of Lots 29.01.2019 (Tuesday)               to


Display of the First List of selected candidates (including Waiting List, along with marks allotted under point system) 4.02.2019 (Monday)
Resolution of queries of parents, if any (by written / email / verbal interaction) regarding allotment of points to their wards in the First List. 5.02.2019 (Tuesday)to


Display of Second List of selected candidates(if any, including Waiting List, along with marks allotted) 21.02.2019 (Thursday)
Resolution of queries of parents, if any, (by written / email / verbal interaction) regarding allotment of points to their wards in the Second List. 22.02.2019 (Friday)to

28.02.2019 (Thursday)

Subsequent list of admission (if any) 15.03.2019 (Friday)
Closure of Admission Process 31.03.2019 (Sunday)

Detail of Seats for Pre-School (Nursery) Admission

Total Seats
No. of seats (100) 100
EWS 25
Minorities Seats (Jain) 18
Open Seats 57

AGE: Child born between 1st April, 2015 to 31st March, 2016

Criteria for Pre School (Nursery) Admission

Criteria Points
Distance 70 Less than or equal to 6 Km – 70 points
More than 6 Km – 50 points
Sibling 20
Alumni 10
Total 100


I hereby understand and undertake the following:

a) Registration does not guarantee admission

b) An incomplete form will be summarily rejected by the school.

c) The information furnished in this form is based on facts and authentic records.

d) In case any particulars /information are found to be incorrect at a later stage, the registration / admission is liable to be cancelled summarily with due deductions from fees. The school would be free to legally proceed against such parents.

e) I hereby accept the process of admission undertaken by the school as per the Order No. FDE.15(172)/PSB/2016/29777-788 dated 26.11.2018 issued by Directorate of Education, Govt of NCT of Delhi. Please follow the updates regarding Pre-School admissions issued from time to time by DOE at

f) I will abide by the decision taken by the school authorities, which shall be final and binding on me.

g) Once the application has been submitted, there will be no addition / alteration to the information provided.

h) Original supporting documents along with self-attested photocopies to be provided by parents at the time of verification of admission under the Open Seats.

Note:In case of tie, selection will be made through a Draw of Lots in the presence of parents of eligible candidates. For date, time and venue of draw of lots please see updates on website regularly.