Criterion for Nursery Admissions 2019-2020

The admission shall be made on the basis of fixed parameters and points as given below:

S.No Parameter/Criteria Nursery
1 Neighbourhood
Upto 8 Kms
Beyond 8 Kms – 50
2 Sibling 15
3 Single Parent (Widow/Widower/Divorced single parent only) 10
Total 100

Kindly Note

  • Selection of applicants will be based on Point System ONLY.
  • Age Criteria:
    Nursery 3 Years
    KG 4 Years
    Grade I 5 Years
    Grade II 6 Years
    Grade III 7 Years
    Grade IV 8 Years
    Grade V 9 Years
    Grade VI 10 Years
    Grade VII 11 Years
    Grade VIII 12 Years

Scheduled Time Line

Sr.No Scheduled Day & Date Scheduled Activity
1 14/12/2018 (Friday) Uploading the criteria and their points in the module of the Department
2 15/12/2018(Saturday) Commencement of admission process
3 15/12/2018 (Saturday) Commencement of availability of application forms for admission
4 7/01/2019 (Monday) Last date of submission of application forms in schools
5 04/02/2019 (Monday) The date for displaying the first list of selected candidates
6 21/02/2019 (Thursday) The date for displaying the second list or candidates (If any)
(including Waiting list) (along with marks allotted under point system)
7 15/03/2019 (Friday) Subsequent Iist of admission, if any
8 31/03/2018 (Sunday) Closure of admission process